Santa Catalina Island Goes To War



Santa Catalina Island Goes To War

By William Sanford White

Catalina Island native William Sanford White’s “Santa Catalina Island Goes to War” highlights the important role the island played from 1941 to 1945 during wartime events.

From interviews with people who lived on the island during World War II, along with first-hand accounts from those who served in the military at the time, Mr. White has culled an amazing collection of information and photographs illustrating life on the island during those turbulent times.

“In writing my first book about the island and its people,” Mr. White says of Catalina Island, Its Magic, People, and History, “I kept running across fascinating details and great memories from people who were part of that catastrophic time. I knew these deserved a book of their own.”

There are 190 rare photographs, many of which have never been published. Many highlight the wartime activities of the USO, Hollywood stars and the Big Bands who entertained our troops. The book recounts how the military protected the West Coast, how troops stationed on Catalina acted at the first line of defense against Japanese submarines, and how the US Merchant Marine set up a Training Center on Catalina.

Never-before-published photographs and personal memories make this 116-page book an important addition to any collection about World War II history.

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